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A Bug Named Boo (Part 4)

I woke mid day, groggy and thinking of Boo. I dove into different VW books and went online searching for information that matched his condition. I found little to nothing, so I decided to perform a major tune-up in hopes

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A Bug Named Boo (Part 3)

  By: Holland McGraw As the sun was setting Boo’s pedal was fluttering. He would grow weak and just before puttering out regain strength and continue to roll down the highway. It was on the outskirts of Portland I stopped

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A Bug Named Boo (Part 2)

By: Holland McGraw The road reached on and Boo was breathing in the cool night air of California’s central valley. The instrument panel light for the speedometer and fuel indicator did not work, so I had to use a flashlight

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A Bug Named Boo (Part 1)

By: Holland McGraw Americans are mad about automobiles. Many believe the car they drive is a reflection of them selves, others see it as a means of transportation. One day, I was watching cars from the inside of a bus

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Art Deco and Art Nouveau

By: Holland McGraw Art deco is defined by its design style, but I believe it to be a celebration of the human spirit expressed in a decorative format. Human ingenuity inspired the Art Deco movement. Man’s ability to fly and

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By: Holland McGraw Last September the wife and I took a trip to Chicago prior to peeling off into Wisconsin for photo shoots. This was our second trip to the Windy City, the first time we drove into the city

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Enjoy The Holidays With An Atomic Snowflake Schooner

The holidays are a time for celebration. Some people decorate a tree, others light a menorah, my wife listens to holiday carols and I drink Rainier beer from an atomic snowflake schooner. So, when joining with others in making this

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Bottle Caps

  By: Holland McGraw A bottle cap is more than a closing mechanism, it’s a story confined within a minimal space. People have been popping and dopping bottle caps for over a century. It was invented and patented in the

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High Life

Ω By: Holland McGraw Once upon a time High Life was Millers premium beer. Images of dapper men and dashing dames showed consumers what it was to be in, “The High Life.” The Champagne of Beers, a slogan that bubbled

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Time is a problem that humans have failed to solve, but mended like duct tape on a busted water hose. Adapting new technologies to overcome the hurdles of time has built empires and destroyed civilizations. The introduction of horses in

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Swizzle Sticks

I have seen them, but never realized their significance until hundreds were dumped in front of me as if I were playing a game of pickup stix.  They’re so simple yet thought provoking, connecting us to a time when men

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The Swap Meet

The swap meet is a place where some products are reborn and others go to die. As a kid I ran wild at the swap meet in search of knock off GI Joe’s, Transformers and survival knives that looked liked

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A Ginger Ale Tale

  This conceptual art piece was inspired by my uncle, Doc, who unknowingly taught me the difference between a modern consumer and consumer from the past, but that story is for another time and can be found in my book,

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Glass Beach

Glass beach is exactly as it sounds, a beach filled with glass.  It’s located in Fort Bragg, a small town in Northern California where they threw their trash into the ocean one day and watched it roll upon the beach

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These bottles are from the past, but if you understand their significance they tell a story that takes place in the future.  I recently started digging in an old Seattle dump with a friend, Niel.  The dump is from the

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